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No heat furnace? No Problem!

Meet Randy! Randy Anderson’s mission as a Distribution Operator – Service in ATCO’s Natural Gas Distribution Division is helping customers. Randy has worked with ATCO for over 30 years, helping Albertan’s get their furnaces back up and running when they go down. Randy prides himself on providing great customer service and not leaving the customer until they are happy.

Today, Randy helps customers remotely through ATCO’s new video calling tool provided by ICwhatUC, a company that started because of a broken furnace. Danny Way is one of the ICwhatUC co-founders and his furnace shut down in the middle of a cold spell in March 2018. After an emergency call out, a furnace technician was able to get the furnace back up and running in less than 5 minutes. The fix was to take some steel wool and clean a small sensor inside the furnace, a simple job that anyone could have performed if they knew what they were doing!

ATCO is using ICwhatUC video calling to look at end-user issues through the end-user’s smartphone. ICwhatUC’s goal was to help companies like ATCO diagnose problems more accurately and, if the problem was simple, enable the technician to walk the end-user through the solution while keeping a watchful eye through the video call.

With the cold weather returning to Alberta, ICwhatUC and ATCO reached a milestone - the same problem that had left Danny’s house frozen was solved by Randy remotely early in November. Randy has been able to help dozens of customers get issues remotely diagnosed, and has helped customers get their furnaces running minutes after the problem is reported. Randy still brings his friendly demeanour and his exceptional customer service to work every day, but now he can deliver solutions to more customers without fighting traffic!

“I find ICwhatUC an extremely user-friendly tool in a constantly changing work environment. The ‘one on one’ experience seems to be lacking at times in the customer service industry and this tool offers just that - that personal touch. The ability to see and speak directly with customers, offers customers immediate assistance and reassurance, which adds to a greater experience for all. This system has been well received by our customers and, so far, proves to be excellent in serving our customers. I am grateful for this tool.”

Randy Anderson, Distribution Operator – Service, ATCO Natural Gas Distribution Division

“We are always looking for ways to improve the customer experience and using ICwhatUC has done just that. Giving our customers another option to try and resolve a heating problem with our help remotely is very appealing. This tool can be used anywhere at any time, the possibilities are endless! The team at ICwhatUC have been wonderful to work with from implementation, support and more. Thank you ICwhatUC!”

Nicolette Iocchelli, Supervisor, Customer Care & Billing, ATCO Natural Gas Distribution Division

ATCO and ICwhatUC are proud to work together to help support Albertans keep their homes warm and comfortable all year long, and especially during the winter season!

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